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I help entrepreneurs with specialized VA services so they have more time to build a rockin’ business.



My Story...

If you have followed me from the beginning of my journey you may have seen me go from painting furniture to sell to painting furniture for content. 


You have also watched me grow into a YouTuber with Plan with Michelle. Now I am creating planner accessories and hope to continue to expand and grow that business. 


Now I am back in the business end of the creative business. I help entrepreneurs by giving them back time to they can do what they love most...Build a rockin business and CREATE 

Plan with Michelle

Staying productive is a must in business for me and I have always been a "list" girl. I have used digital planners but I love having a paper planner in my hands. 

I am a Happy Planner Girl for sure. If you need help with functional or decorative planning check out my Youtube channel and don't forget to subscribe so you get notifications anytime new videos are uploaded. 

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